Interview | Laura Gilbert - Music teacher and cosplayer, gained a lot of notoriety internationally for her cosplays of the character Harley Quinn

Divulgação | Laura Gilbert

• Por Alisson Santos

The Mundo dos Heróis team deeply appreciates anyone bold enough to cosplay their favorite characters. To show our love for the cosplay community, we've interviewed a few cosplayers over the past few weeks. We had the pleasure of chatting with Laura Gilbert! Music teacher and cosplayer, the young Australian gained a lot of notoriety internationally for her cosplays of the character Harley Quinn. He made time to chat with us and we're super excited to share some questions he answered about his personal life, creative process and influences, so keep reading!

1 - Tell us a little about who is Laura in life?

I am a full-time high school Music teacher and love to explore creative pursuits in my time away from work. Hobbies of mine include baking, aerial, gaming, music, and cosplay!

2 - What got you into cosplaying? Were you influenced by fellow cosplayers or was it through comics/gaming/film?

I’ve always loved the strong female characters from my favourite movies and TV shows. Originally, my first cosplay was going to be Daenerys from GOT, but then I saw Suicide Squad and was blown away with Margot’s live adaptation of Harley. Whilst watching Suicide Squad in the cinema, I remember desperately wanting to wear that outfit and bring the character into my own life!

Divulgação | Laura Gilbert

3 - What is the one of the most challenging aspects of cosplay that you have seen or faced?

Since first starting cosplay, I have experienced a heavy amount of online bullying and misogyny. The hardest part for me was looking after my mental health. Now, I have developed resilience and strategies to protect myself from this dark, malicious side of cosplaying.

4 - Do you copy a character’s costume exactly, or do you prefer to add your own interpretations?

The cosplays I am most well-known for copy costumes exactly. However, sometimes “exactly” is impossible! I do the best I can with what I have.

Divulgação | Laura Gilbert

5 - What’s your favorite part about putting on your cosplay?

Putting on cosplay gives me the opportunity to escape the stresses of everyday life and have fun. It’s nice to listen to your inner child!

6 - You have probably had great memories participating in cosplay at numerous conventions. What was one of your fondest and where one was it at?

My first international convention was Comic-Con Ecuador and the vibe was electric! It was my first time going to South America. Everyone was so kind and I felt so safe and supported.

7 - Is there anything you learned through your years of cosplay that you wish someone had told you about when you first started?

Don’t take it too seriously! Only cosplay for you – not for random strangers, money, or clout. Be true to yourself and only do what makes you happy.


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